Monday, November 19, 2012

A Public Apology to Devendra Sarda of ApneAreaMein

This blog had written an article about ApneAreaMein, a website which is being used daily many users in Pune and Mumbai for their daily needs.

The article had different intentions, but the contributor to the same had used language that was not acceptable at all. Upon investigation on the article, it was found that

i) The contributor had never used ApneAreaMein's services or was never associated with its parent company, thus loosing ground to make any credible comment
ii) The contributor went overboard to use language that was not acceptable
iii) The contributor made absolutely false claims about the website that result to libel/defamation
iv) Personal attacks on the CEO of a business were made which are absolutely unacceptable
v) Reading about Devendra Sarda, CEO of ApneAreaMein on his website, it is clear that he is a knowledgeable  respectable and wise person with noble values that are close to his heart. It is clearly written about his noble intentions to inspire young generation. An attack on a person of this stature is absolutely beyond tolerance.
vi) The business model is not at all understood by the contributor but has gone overboard to irrationally criticize on a novel initiative that is helping the lives of many local enterprises.
vii) For any initiative that has unique social and commercial objectives, meaningless discouragement in any form is not acceptable.
viii) The article lacked any constructive criticism and even lacked factual accuracy.

Without making any excuses what so ever, we convey public apology to Devendra Sarda of ApneAreaMein and all the stakeholders of the business (i.e.daily users, enterprises listed on the website and employees).

The article has been removed immediately.

Considering the noble initiatives the founder is involved in, we felt that a personal apology was just not enough but a public apology was required. Hence, this post has been exclusively published. A personal attack on a wise person who is into unique novel initiatives that are coupled with social objectives is beyond the principles of humanity.

We wish the team behind ApneAreaMein all the best for their future endeavors and our best wishes to them to meet their objectives.

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